Front door privacy!

I love those white net curtains, specially on front door. I have those cute polka dot white curtain on my front door but they were not helping me at all. I had to find a way to work more on my privacy so I decided to give a cute little makeover to my front door.

Jibraan is peeking out from the window!



Stuff we need

  • frosted paint /sea glass paint
  • marker
  • tape
  • windex


Lets get started

  1. Clean your glass with windex thoroughly to have a nice clean surface to work on
  2. find your glass middle point and make a mark with marker
  3. cut a shape you want on your door, I made a rectangle  😉
  4. place your tape in the middle
  5. now spray the paint equally

Done! here is your finish look!




Now you have more privacy and a very elegant look to your door. you can add net curtain to add a little more spice to it. I just love the finish look.












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