Life Is Not A Fairytale And It is Ok/Good To Make Mistakes

  • Life is not a fairy tale, we go through with many things happy and sad.
  • we make mistakes, we make good decisions in life.
  • I completely believe in this, the more you make mistakes the more you learn.
  • We make mistake once and we do not repaet  same mistake again.
  • I had few ups and downs in my life .. when I was going through that hard times it was very hard for me.
  • But after passing those times I “thank my God for giving me this experience to teach me how to handle such critical situations and thank you for teaching me about people, it was painful but very beneficial for me.
  • We can not buy experience, we have to go through it and experience build our personality.
  • Time and pain teach us a lot, make us strong and make us how to ignore irrelevant stuff and people in our life.

Stay close to those who care about you!

It could be any one 


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38 thoughts on “Life Is Not A Fairytale And It is Ok/Good To Make Mistakes

  1. Well said, Anju. It’s true. Mistakes are what they are. Something we did that we can’t undo. I’ve made so many! But I agree with you, I’ve learned from those errors. And in most cases, I didn’t do the same again.

    Thank you for sharing!

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      1. No problem.. you are an amazing person and writer. I want others to benefit from your posts …. you deserve that.. I really like your positive behaviour..

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