Say Hi

  • World is so small and supper connected now.
  • We don’t have to go to different countries and see places there , we can see online
  • I don’t have to take cooking classes to learn how to cook, now everything is on my fingertips
  • Click and visit the whole world
  • Click and learn what you you want to learn
  • So I though it would be great if we say

**Hi, I am Anju from Toronto, Canada**

  • To know where we are.

30 thoughts on “Say Hi

      1. I’m a little bit different … I’m the kind of person who can go out on the streets and stop and start taliking to the next person that goes by. Dare you?

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      2. We are all sailing on the same boat in the same water of the same sea … only some can swim better and some worse than me. If I was to fall in the water … would you jump in to save me? I would jump in to save you! It’s not about swimming … it’s about saving someone elses life.


      3. Then your a good person! See … we have never met … and most likely never will … but still we get along … why is it so hard for so many? There’s so much hatred in this world.


      4. Yes but have you asked yourself why? It’s the fear of making a mistake, missing trust due to evil in us. It’s the yin and yang of life.


  1. A big hugg to you all … out there.
    It doesn’t take much to be nice to each other.
    You just have to want to be.
    Who said …” Yes we can!”
    Wasn’t me!


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