18 Friday Cleaning Tips

  1. Stove
  2. Grout
  3. Filling up the soap dispenser
  4. Back splash
  5. Sink
  6. Cabinet
  7. Countertop
  8. Oven
  9. Fridge
  10. Furniture Polishing
  11. Floor Polishing
  12. Disting
  13. Plant watering
  14. Laundry & Drying
  15. Bedroom cleaning
  16. Toys going back to their place 
  17. Washroom Cleaning
  18. Ahhhh My Green Tea 



Filling Up The Soap Dispenser 

Backsplash Splash Cleaning


Cabinet Polishing

Counter Top

Oven Cleaning

Spotless Fridge 

Furniture Polishing

Floor Polishing


Watering Plant

Laundry & Drying

Jibraan is helping me with laundry 


Bedroom Cleaning

Toys Are Going Back To Their Place

Washroom Cleaning

Ahhhhh at the end my warm cup of green tea


5 thoughts on “18 Friday Cleaning Tips

  1. You polished rhe ivy plant didden’t you?
    I noticed my nana used to pilish her plants with mayonnaise. She swore it was great for them.

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