3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge-Day 2

  • This quote reflects to all of us when we start a new relation or when we start a new job.
  • I relate it to one of my job, when I started everything was outstanding they seemed very nice, my behaviour was also very polite.
  • when I quite the work all of us were changed.
  • I entered as a baby goat and I came out like a white flying hours.
  • Every Strom give us a experience for further life. Experiences are hard to live but give you a lot to learn.

I nominate

  1. Paul
  2. Bluebird4UDaily
  3. boundlessblessingsblog


  1. 3 new Quotes for 3 days (no repetation)
  2. 3 nominees each day ( no repetation)
  3. Quotes could be your own or Google them.
  4. Inform nominees
  5. Thanks the person who nominated you in a quote post of yours
  6. My nominees you guys are awesome I felt a connection with you all so I nominated you. best of luck.
  7. Thank you sparkling poems for the nomination.

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