Taste Of Fame/ Overnight Star

  • An ordinary Pakistani chaiwala (tea seller) got famous overnight after a photo posted on social media.
  • Javeria Ali took a picture of him as she was working on a project in Islamabad.
  • She posted his picture on social media.
  • Now he is signing big projects of modelling and acting.
  • Arshad Khan is 18 years old young man with blue eyes.
  • In one day he was all over the tv studios for interviews.
  • he is very innocent and shy guy.


This is the picture got him overnight fame!






105 thoughts on “Taste Of Fame/ Overnight Star

  1. I think indian girls are more impressed then us pakistani’s 😉
    There are many here like this chae wala not only one 😉 by the way nicely described xx

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      1. There are so many people with blue eyes and fair .. but I believe that a handsome young man making tea sounds too different that is why ..may b ..it’s just my opinion. .

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      2. He does look like Tom Cruise.

        The thing is , and am sorry to say and disappoint you,
        but when I meet most Pakistani’s they seem to imply that fair skin has something to do with Islam. I always crack up when they mix up ethnicity with religion. For the most, the undercurrent is that Indians are dark skinned and ugly and Pakistanis are all fair and lovely and this is what makes them superior (Colonial hangover from the Raj times perhaps?).
        I asked a Pakistani friend of mine that before Partition the letters from across the globe was addressed to Lahore, India…Karachi, India or Peshawar, India. Before the coming of Islam in 8th century AD to this region, the same people were either Buddhists or Hindus. So, you mean to say after accepting Islam they turned white?!
        This makes most of ’em uneasy…

        I hope you get my drift and hope you understand why I am writing this.
        “Do not fall into the idiotic trap of racism!”

        Thank you

        PS: Forgive me if i have hurt you. If you feel hurt, then i am sorry to have done it unintentionally.

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      3. Not at all! I am not hurt .. that’s your experience I respect that☺…. I never heard that Muslims are white .. there must be so many people of that .. I am sorry if u r hurt…. I don’t believe that all Muslims are fair .. and as long as I know we always admir Indian beauty☺…. I am sorry for the experience. . I am not that kind ….

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      4. Even people living in the subcontinent have strange ideas of history…don’t worry! Read some good books if you are interested.
        To begin with there is a classic book:
        The wonder that was India – A L Basham

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      5. I will look 👀 into it..

        I love ❤️ to learn about the history of other countries…
        I’m of the Indian nationality..

        But I never realized that that were a rivalry between Pakistan 🇵🇰 and you guys..
        it’s so funny 😂 how one nation doesn’t like to be recognize as another..
        like the British and the Scottish..

        Thank for giving me that little insight to your country. You have every right to be proud and to be patronizing


      6. Well…much of the Indo-Pak rivalry is British creation. It is much more that what Brits and the Scotts have perhaps. Since, there is a religious angle to it, the problem runs deeper.

        You could post questions on my blog if you like. Let us not spoil Anju’s nice post. Or else she will get mad at me. 😛

        Thank you for your interest in Sub-Continent history.

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      7. I won’t get mad seriously. … I believe that we should not talk about history,religion or each others choices. That should b something personal. …


      8. Well..my take on this issue is a bit different.

        While I agree with you about the personal front. I disagree that some things should not be talked about.

        The thing is that care must be taken so as not to transgress the boundaries of sound logic, good reasoning and the decency of argument. One must refrain from making statements to infuriate or humiliate the other. A healthy dialogue gives insight into the perceptions of the other mind.

        That which could not be judged objectively must not be debated. While being true, also limits our space of common minimum understanding.

        In search for the truth, I think, the biggest hurdles are the self manufactured delusions and misunderstandings. We fear that questioning will make us feel uneasy.

        We all are born into certain belief systems that our parents and society follows and we comfort ourselves within those boundaries, because why not?! It gives us the sense of security and belonging to a certain set of people. We have our identification.

        One day a funny thought occurred to me…what if i lost my memory and all that I believed I was till now is erased by some accident and somebody gives me a new identity and new set of system…who would I be? Who am I right now? I shook me..Made me uncomfortable and took away much of the clinging I had with certain things.
        Sometimes, through dialogue we touch other lives…which pulsate just like us. Here in the big unknown, we are all searching for something and maybe we find it…who knows.:)


      9. Miss anju.. I have so many friends from Pakistan…
        and I love ❤️ you all..
        you girls are so beautiful 😍 and exquisite..

        To me all Indian women to me is just gorgeous…
        Maybe because I’m Indian/Chinese mix..

        You are so welcome..

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    1. ☺oh in Pakistani it is a traditional thing to drink tea! If u go to someone’s house and don’t drink tea ..😅😅they will not like it. . I don’t drink tea but I had to when ever I go see my family!

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      1. here we drink tea, but more often coffee. neither has the lovely serving tradition though. wish we could bundle up all the best of every culture & toss out the bad in one big whoosh 🙂

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