❤❤A Compagnie for happiness❤❤

  • Please make a promise 👍to me today that you are going to be a very comferting shoulder to someone .💪💪
  • please feel around you😌, may be some one is in desperate sitiotion to share his or her pain🙌🙏🙎🙆
  • just liston to them let them cry on your shoulder. 😣:'(:'(😣
  • don’t give them your opinions.😥
  • Don’t interrupt in between.😱
  • Just console their souls 👭👬
  •  If we do it to one person at least once in a month we can change so many people’s life.💕💕💕💕
  • or may be someone will change ours ❤❤❤❤
  • Sometimes we dont need suggestions we just need a shoulder to cry like a baby😹😹😹😹

Share your stories in my comments I will wait..for inspiring stories.👧

It could be any one who needs you!

  • Your close family👪
  • Relatives👴👮👵👶🎅👲👳👼
  • Friends👫
  • Teacher👴
  • Students🙋
  • Masi kaam Wali👵
  • Sweeper👲
  • Hawker👨
  • Sabzi wala👦
  • Your laundry wala👴
  • Your driver👮
  • Neighbor👪
  • Milk man👴
  • an animal 🐕🐶🐩🐏🐦🐄🐺🐤🐒🐘
  • Or🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛

Even me👧

  1. Are you in ? In this Compagnie with me.😎😎
  2. Please share my post to your love ones. 💑💑very soon i will write more that how a good listener can impact someonce life! 💑👪👫👬👭💏👱👸👰💁

50 thoughts on “❤❤A Compagnie for happiness❤❤

      1. I’m guessing English is not your first language Anju, so I admire you for being able to speak/write it as well as you do. Well done! My Arabic is non-existent. I wish I could write in another language like you. By all means work on your spelling, but don’t stress about it. People know what you mean.:)))

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      2. 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉I don’t know it is wrong or write but inner satisfaction is important I am satisfied that I am sharing my thoughts …….Naaaaa I will of course work on it 99%😉..yes English is my 3rd language .. My mother tounge is (pothwari) we were speaking (Urdu) in school. Than bit English ….at colege level…Canada taught me English a little 😉😉….my work as homeopath tought me (Panjabi)
        But if u ask me I am more comfortable with my mother tounge ..my first language. …… Thank you so much for giving me a chance to show off a Lil bit😎

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      3. Anju you are an AMAZING young woman! I admire you so much. Your parents must be so proud to have a daughter like you.
        Keep ‘showing off’ your language skills – you are such a wonderful role model for others. 🙂

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      4. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂it would be hard for me to sleep tonight…… these lovely comments will keep me up…. thank you so much!

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    1. I am a very good listner😉😉 I can hear stories for hours and hours but at the end I will b very honest to give my opinion (u like it or not😉) may b that’s why my friends come back for honest suggestions 😆😆

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  1. That’s lilo and Pleakley from ‘Lilo and Stitch’, right? I loved that series! Nostalgia 😄😊😆
    Nice post! My parents are my personal counselors. They always lend their ears to listen to my deepest worries and fears! And of course, my Lord too.. God is always there to listen to us, even the innermost thoughts we never voice.

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