Daily kitchen Cleaning habits

Clean and organized kithen make me very happy and energetic when I come downstairs every morning. I always tried to stay clean and organized but nothing work for me, I was always panicking about everything. Soon when I got the habit to keep my kitchen clean made me calm and happy. And I promise 15 to 20 minutes daily will change your life.

  • I wash dishes as soon as they are in the sink
  • I keep meals in containers right after cooking
  • I wash pots right after cooking.
  • I keep kitchen tidy and clean as I work
  • I don’t like any thing on my countertops rather than a microwave and my plant. So keep eventing off the counter
  • I keep letters,keys  and purse in their right place not in the kitchen
  • I clean out the sink after dishes are done
  • Wipe the counter,sink,oven and stove after each use
  • Every night countertops has to be clean
  • I clean my knife and spoons right after using them
  • I spend 2 or 3 minutes everyday spot-check for prints on fridge and cabins and door knows. 
  • I use small plastic bag for garbage while I am in the kitchen cooking or cleaning to through out the garbage right after I am done.
  • I wash my scrubbers everyday
  • I have a sensor soap dispenser so easy to use less time, less mess and saves on my soap. 
  • After every meal I do mini clean up
  • No left over on the countertops
  • I drip dry my dishes but before bed I wipe them a bit and put them in their place
  • Stove has to b clean right after cooking… it’s easy and faster to clean when it’s warm.
  • sweep the kitchen floor
  • πŸ„πŸ„My cute cookie jarπŸ„πŸ„

52 thoughts on “Daily kitchen Cleaning habits

    1. Great….. I love to hear that u r doing it from long time!! I am teaching my 6 year old son a lot of house cleaning, cooking and more so he can help and understand his wife more better. (I hope)

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      1. I can do only after I come home from office. But in between what happen in the kitchen from morning thru evening isn’t in my scope haha.. Scope is shared between husband n wife right ??

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  1. Same here! If I make something dirty I want to clean it right away. The problem for me is that my boyfriend loves to cook complicated recipes that of course taste delicious, but after he is done cooking…. It is always the entire kitchen that is dirty. So I really love eating pasta right now because it only requires one pot. πŸ˜‚

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  2. I love your kitchen 😍😍 all that hard work showing everywhere. Must be fun cooking there!
    Though I don’t cook much, I follow some of those tips already but some are new to me and really awesome.
    Also that sensor based soap dispenser idea is enticing!!

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