How to avoid awkward situations in any conversation

How to avoid awkward situations in any conversation

According to my own experiences in life!

  • Most of the time when I talk to someone I feel happy after wards but there are some times when I don’t feel so good. There are some times when we feel in caught of an awkward conversation and can’t gather ourself to make the conversation keep going interesting. Or we feel not so smart.
  • This post is dedicated to one of my good friend @Abhishek Choubey. You should go on his blog to read some fun stuff at  .
  • Here are some important fact that I have learned over the time from different situations.
  • We learn a lot from others ..we learn from good individuals and we learn more form not so good individuals (not to do same BS’ they are doing)

In my point of view 

  1. The more social you are the more better you are in conversations
  2. At first listen to the other party patiently don’t jump in to show you are also smart
  3. I realize when ever you feel some one is pulling your leg more often for no reason, “stay away” you don’t need to prove them that you are smart
  4. I feel if you don’t feel equal respect in a group chat or with someone individually then that is not  a right place for us to sit.
  5. some times saying yes or no makes a big difference
  6. Don’t feel under pressure to win the conversation, chances are you will not respond wisely
  7. Do not feel bad about your self not to answer smartly .. You have to respect and value your self first to give respect to others
  8. Stay natural 
  9. When you will listen more than you will completely understand others points, than you will have enough time to digest and answer wisely.

Most of all

10. more listening and less talking makes you look smart any ways

In Conclusion

  • Some times we feel this, that we are not good enough to reply back when we don’t feel confident enough on our self in easy words (inferiority complex)
  • I would say sit down alone in your room and right down 
  • 10 good things about youeself
  • write down what are you doing right now (studying what,what kind of job)
  • Tell yourself you have a bright future a head. When you see yourself confident then you will be able to act best.
  • If we youtube old actors first interviews (my favourite is ) Shanrukh khan’s interview. He was any other guy like you like me but over the time his hard work and socialization made him very smart person. I learn a lot from these types of examples.

If you are not agree leave the comment.. May be there are many things that I have to learn to get better.

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61 thoughts on “How to avoid awkward situations in any conversation

  1. excellent again .. i dont think we should converse to win the argument anytime. this is a platform for exchanging our views , gracefully ..
    as u said be natural, and say your opinions . these are some nice tips you gave..

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    1. Ahh thank you for the sweet comment. I feel we should participate in healthy conversation but if you don’t comfortable than act silly(thats what I do) I don’t argue with people who just wants to win and they can’t take any new or different thoughts!
      Life is busy and short so we should not waste our energy on (….)

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    1. Thank you so much …. I believe the way I respect other I owe the same thing so if you are not getting it than no need to waste your time!
      One more thing we should be very clear with others just to avoid confusion!


  2. You know, some of my worst memories are those conversations where others did their best to make me feel like a fool or inferior to every other human on earth! And they did!

    It took me a long time to develop a “thick skin” and even longer to heed your very well-put advice! It is so true to simply “get away” from those people who enjoy making others look ridiculous. And to move toward those people with whom you can talk honestly and freely.

    Very good advice! great blog! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for detailed comment!
      You won’t believe I am very assertive and clear with my friends .. I don’t fake things what ever I feel I tell them (I feel this the best way to make good friends)
      I have few very very good friends I love them a lot and they trust me a lot.
      I dont do any formalities with my friends they are very clear that I am not going to do it…
      Like Once On my birthday my friend call me and said lets go out for fun….we went out with our kids had a lot of fun we had lunch she paid for her food I paid for mine…. We don’t do any formalities….. I was very happy she spare time for me….It is hard to explain but that what we do I made that rule from very beganing that you eat what ever you want I will eat what ever I want and we will pay for our own food. its been years i have made a lot of friends .. we all enjoy with each other a lot!

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  3. Thank you so much😊 for dedicating a blog which serves more than just an answer to my question(rather confusion). Would definitely try more of these. And I too think that being natural, less talking and more listening is something that makes us look smart. Loved the post. Thanks for sharing☺

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  4. Very Very impressive Anju. These really are the lessons to get smart to smarter and to smartest. Correct me If im wrong, maybe an add on to this. There are other things that makes you smarter. For instance, never stop or hesitate transferring useful information to others, when you do that it converts into knowledge and when others act upon it you become wise. Your weaknesses are your strength, be it health, business, education anything.

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