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Hi Friends..👧

  • WordPress is a place where we can share our thoughts,ideas and information about anything and get appreciated.👭👭👬👬
  • We read other blogger’s post and learn a lot.:idea::idea:💥💥
  • You guys are awesome , you all read my blog,like them and comment them regularly.❤❤💛💛
  • Therefore, I decided to say thank you all.👍👍❤❤
  • I want all of you to leave a link of your blog in comment bellow.👎
  • Leave a brief description about your blog (what do you write) in 2 lines.✌
  • So in that way, we can visit each others blogs and follow.🎁🎁
  • I will request if you are here please follow blogs as many as you like, just to courage each other.🎉🎉🎊🎊

(There is no time limit you can leave your link at any time)

  • Lets say Hi….🙋🙋

  • If you get new follower after this post ..come back here to comment so other can get inspired and follow more bloggers! Good luck everyone….
  • E.mail:: anj6454@gmail.com
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235 thoughts on “🌹Promote Your blog Here🌹

  1. Hello Anju and Everyone else!!

    Thank you Anju for making this post and giving your followers an opportunity to discover each other, it’s truly great!

    Below is the link to my blog I hope you guys take a chance to look into it😃 I try my best to post daily which my blog is based on lifestyle ranging from recipes to travel to day to day events to beauty and everything in between! I hope you all can find some relatable posts here❤️
    Thank you!


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    1. Andy.. Hi!! This is Noorain.. I somehow can’t get around to following you on your site. It would be of great help, if you could follow me so that, I could follow you back.

      Read your latest poem about the man on the beach & I can’t even comment on it. 😫 it’s a beautiful one!

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  2. https://devpria11blog.wordpress.com/
    Hello everyone! I’m Devpria Kanji.
    My blog is about the journey of me and my significant other, Abhishek Angane. We are in a long distance relationship and this is about how we are loving, caring, fighting and being together even though we are 1600 kms away from each other. Right now I’m working on a series based on our story which appears on this blog by the name ‘Abhi_Pria’. Other things which appear on this blog are the various problems we face because of these distances and how we are coping up with them. I would really love to invite all of you to visit my blog and help me to improve my work. Eager waiting for all of you.

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    1. Hey, David thank you so much for introducing yourself to other fellow bloggers ….
      I just love your blog so informative ….
      please check other bloggers and follow if you like ….
      hope we all get connected to many bloggers..
      thank you so much..
      keep posting!

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  3. Hey Anju!! That’s an awesome initiative..

    My name’s Noorain and I usually do restaurant reviews, write about food related & lifestyle products too.

    Very rarely if I do get some time, I put in a story or two.

    So let’s do this guys!! Let’s all get to know each other better and support one another Hugs!! 🤗

    Hoping to see you come over at


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    1. Yes friends I met her not so long ago but now we know each other well…. she has an awsome blog with lovely posts and beautiful picture .. a must to visit..
      Noorain : please visit other blogger too and follow..
      Thank you much for introducing yourself to my other friends ….
      keep writing!

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      1. wowwwwwwwww jazakAllah khair friend..
        see we all make a big difference ..yeahhhh
        thank you much for following others ..u r the best ..hugs and kisses

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    1. I have found so many and thank you to all who have found me. This is wonderful. I love to wake up in the morning having my cuppa and reading all the blogs that have been posted while I have been asleep. 🙂

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      1. Ahhhhhh that’s amazing….

        Me too …. that’s the first thing I do ..check my blog.. and I also like people reading and commenting on my post while I am sleeping. .
        Good luck for more followings..
        Thank you for being part of this post☺☺

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    1. Friends if you Wana know about beauty and fashion then must go to her blog .. she is an excellent blogger ..
      I like her posts….very informative. .
      Thank you Azra for being part of this post!!🌹🌹🌹🌹

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      1. Ahhhhhh u r sweetheart. .
        Thank you for being part of this post and introducing yourself to my other friends. .☺☺
        Good luck with followings❤❤

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    1. Hey ☺
      Friends if you want to bake or just enjoy reading posts go to her blog you will love it..
      One day u will try to bake after going to her blog😉😉
      Thank you hun for Taking part in this post…..
      Please visit other blogger too and follow if u like❤❤

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  4. Hi Anju. This is a great initiative you’ve made. I think I’m coming in a little late but hey, better late than never 😉

    I’m Pradita, author of thepraditachronicles.wordpress.com and my blog is about my stories, my impressions of life’s numerous little challenges and mysteries, and my idiosyncrasies. If that has piqued your interest please visit my space on WP 😊😊

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    1. No no hun u r not late ..there is no deadline. . Actually no one will be late for this…… when ever you want you can comment and follow new friends….
      ……..friends she is an amazing author
      Do follow her….
      I hope you will follow new blogs as well..

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  5. Hi Anju, thanks for this great opportunity given to bloggers.
    I believe we are born to be happy & endowed with unlimited potentials to achieve greater goals in life. So, I post articles to inspire & motivate people to be happy & think positively so as to experience wonderful & fulfilled life.
    Here is the link to my corner on the internet: ajibolasunday.wordpress.com/

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    1. Oh yeah friends if u r bored and wanting to have fun please visit this fantastic blog .. you will never regret…. I just love this blog..
      Thanks dear to stop by hope u follow some friends too🌹🌹🌹🌹
      Good luck

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      1. Thank you dear for such a kind words and gesture 😉 And yeah I found many worthful blog here 😉 Thank u again for providing us these oppurtunities 😉

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    1. Hey friends I would suggest please visit Jeff’s blog once you will not regret it☺… he is one of the fine bloggers.
      Jeff please visit to all of these lovely bloggers and follow as many as u wish😉

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  6. Thank you for the opportunity to spread some news about my blog. We are just getting off the ground so any additional support would be really appreciated.

    That said, we are Double Dribble. We provide opinion pieces related to the NBA and College Basketball world. Covering the hottest topics in the sport, there isn’t much else a basketball fan could wish for!

    The url is: http://ddribble.com/

    Thank you so much,

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  7. Hey Anju !! Nice to meet you .Though we are already following each other ,but this is first time I am coming across your blog which is lovely.Have a great time !!

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  8. https://discovermarche.wordpress.com
    Dear Anju,
    thanks for your kind invitation and giving me the opportunity to introduce my blog here:-)
    My name is Isabella and in my blog I talk about the region where I come from in Italy, an area called Le Marche.
    My posts talk about different towns, historical highlights, local traditions and food. All about Le Marche! All with much love and passion for my beautiful homeland!
    So, if you’ve never heard about Le Marche before, please stop by my blog and let me know your thoughts! I hope you’ll enjoy it:-)

    Peace and love!

    Ciao, Isa:-)

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  9. This is an awesome idea, especially since you have SO MANY viewers and followers! Thank you so much Anju! And I really appreciate it that you stop to visit my blog sometimes! 💙💙💙

    To people other than Anju, my name is Keely, I’m a freshman in high school who has LOTS of issues. I have the triple whammy: home, school, and boy problems. Not to mention my issues with people and society.my blog is kinda based around these issues.

    My blog is mostly poetry. My poetry is mostly about love (bad and good factors), but I also have other topics. I also post stories, musings, and songs. Mostly though I have poetry as the biggest factor. And my poetry is not confusing nor boring. I’d appreciate it you’d stop bye.

    My blog is:

    Thanks😘 Have a great day everyone!!!💙💙💙

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  10. Also, I’m going to check out ALL of the sites on here, and in the future I’ll come back for sure! I want to read and discover new blogs, and this is the BEST opportunity to do so!

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  11. There are 100 comments, meaning there are over 100 bloggers here that want to be heard. I want to help everyone, like you seem to be, I wish I was that nice to everyone. You are an amazing person, and I hope you never forget that. But anywho, I wish to help, and I have no problem sacrificing some of my time to do so, even though over 100 blogs is one scarysounding number! I want help with my blog myself. I want to help, and I thank you for so many things Anju, including for giving me this chance to share my blog AND help others!

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  12. i am a new blogger but i do posts about
    reviews [ i review items and blogs so if anyone wants me to review theirs send me ur blog ]
    and more…

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