Heart Beat Award 2

I have created a lovely award for anyone who is special in our wordpress community.

  • I made this blog just to support each other.
  • This award called ” You Are Heart Beat Of WordPress” Yaaaa Hoooo.
  • After getting this award you can pick one of your favourite blogger to nominate.  
  •                                          (It could be anyone even me:-) )


  • post the award on your blog
  • Mention creator of this award 
  • Mention who nominated you in your post
  • What your blog is about 


This award is for  GA Khan https://wortharticlesblog.wordpress.com.

Congratulation Brother

  • Khan is such an amazing person and blogger.
  • Please check his blog and follow, you will like his blog.
  • His blog is all about airplanes and much much more.
  • I feel he is heart beat of WordPress.

((He is versatile writer and uploads very interesting posts in his blog))

My favourite posts

Ways to Spend your free Time!


Choosing the right topic for you blog!


People and their thinking styles



((I hope Khan will nominate someone else to keep this going)) 


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