Getting Connected With Other Bloggers

Please add your point of view about getting connected with other bloggers ….

Leave your blog’s link and share what do you write in your blogs below to get connected with other bloggers here.

  1. Blog often but not too often
  2. Give time to your blog
  3. Interact with your audience-Answer on your comments
  4. Unique and useful
  5. Point base ….clear ..long writings for me like fuzzy line
  6. I love point base writings..make short and sweet
  7. Visual layout is very important
  8. Follow others: like and comment
  9. Blog something that shows your interest and something trendy
  10. Make a regular schedule of your post
  11. Be Creative, Be passionate
  12. Write what you love

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69 thoughts on “Getting Connected With Other Bloggers

    1. I read your blog : you are very creative writer :; thank you for stopping by I will request to visit other bloggers on this blog read,like and follow them. 😎thank you

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  1. Great pointers, Anju! I find I am surprised that some bloggers don’t comment back, even though you took the time to leave a thought out comment. I know some people can be busy in their real lives, but I enjoy the interaction πŸ™‚

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    1. For me it’s like I am talking to real people so I feel it’s bad manners not to answer : and people took time to read and comment so it’s my duty to reply. It’s the best way to learn from others.

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  2. I think that No 1 is the most important of all. I receive a lot of blogs and try to scan through them and see if they interest me and then acknowledge the blogs with a comment. My biggest peeve are the bloggers who post several times a day and 8 days a week. I personally do not have time to spend that sort of time trying to read and comment on them and I am quite sure that others feel the same. Too much blogging is not necessarily a good thing. My blog site is and is about the great outdoors (mostly).

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    1. Yes very very right: same thing with me’s hard to get time to read long blogs and comment them all. Even writing long blog is harder for that is why I write in points easy to write easy to read 😎
      Thank you so much for your feed back.


    1. Hi Reema , nice to meet you 😎
      I love gardening this year I have πŸ… πŸ₯’ mint and squash plants 🌱 and I am loving them. For sure I will visit your blog .thank you so much for introducing yourself πŸ‘»

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      1. Heyy Anju! I should be thanking you! Love your initiatives of bringing together all the bloggers! Happy to be a part of anju’s world! πŸ™‚

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      1. Yar anju…. ab stamona ni rha pechlay wala…… job dond raha ho iss lye….. 6 mahina ho gae graduation ki….per job ni mil rahi


  3. I started as a blog about place, West Michigan, but it’s a big interesting world and the subject wanders off the West Michigan topic.
    Finding the time to post regularly AND to interact and visit other bloggers has been a challenge.

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