3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge-Day 2

  • This quote reflects to all of us when we start a new relation or when we start a new job.
  • I relate it to one of my job, when I started everything was outstanding they seemed very nice, my behaviour was also very polite.
  • when I quite the work all of us were changed.
  • I entered as a baby goat and I came out like a white flying hours.
  • Every Strom give us a experience for further life. Experiences are hard to live but give you a lot to learn.

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  1. Paul
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  3. boundlessblessingsblog


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3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge-Day 1

  • In Seniors kindergarten  my 5 year old son was upset that today in play time my friend won the race but not me:'(.
  • I told him this is part of our life sometimes we win sometimes we lose.
  • Do not be sad you should have cheered your friend up and should have shook hands saying well done.
  • Next day you can try hard to win.
  • After that I wrote the quote below⬇ on a piece of paper and tape it on inside of our main door to read it everyday before going out.

It work well….

I nominate

  1. EI Coleccionista Hiponotico
  2. Kaziifra
  3. Kiran man


3 new Quotes for 3 days (no repetation)

3 nominees each day ( no repetation)

Quotes could be your own or Google them.

Inform nominees

Thank the person who nominated you

My nominees you guys are awesome best of luck.

Thank you sparkling poems for the nomination.

Motion Sensor Light

  • We can not sleep with light on at night🌞
  • Or If I wake-up at night .. I see nothing😎😨:|💀👾👽👺👹👻👻
  • It’s hard to turn on the lamp in dark
  •  I brought out one of motion sensor light from my husband’s walk-in closet;)🙆🙈🙊
  • One of the best thing for dark
  • Can not tell you how much happy I am
  • I don’t have to keep the light on at night .. it will detact motion and turn on .. (saving on energy bills)


Oh yeah I have a doll on my side table coz I love dolls so much.

Respect Yourself 

  • We normally put ourselves down just to have the feeling of what other will think of us.
  • I just learn in few years from not so good experiences that we have to be very honest to ourselves not to let others interfere our believes,habits, liking or disliking ( what I wear,eat,drink, the way I look or talk, what I celebrate or not Its not others problem.

(It is completly my choice)

  • No mater we are right or wrong in others eyes, we should go with our instincts.

It doesn’t mean we are crossing our limits.. It means we are taking decisions and control in situtions according to our up bringing and believes. 

*If you think you should not celebrate Halloween-I respect that I won’t bother you or make you think of doing it, If I want to do it you should also respect that and let me enjoy.*

  • I stop going to those who brings out evil side of me hehehehehe..
  • We can not change others but we can surly develop many good habits in our personalities.
  • I stop worrying about others, I just focus on myself how I can be a better person.

It doesnt mean I am rude or mean to others not at all-Now I am more humble and more sensible woman ( I guess 😉 ) 

  • I respect others and value them, I listen to them with respect, I appreciate their time, I value their hard work in life.

I enjoy more than ever with my friends and family because that’s how I let them deal with a genuine person (me)  and I enjoy and respect their originality. 😉 

Respect Others but don’t degrade your own self

Stay happy and let other live their life on their own believes.