Taste Of Fame/ Overnight Star

  • An ordinary Pakistani chaiwala (tea seller) got famous overnight after a photo posted on social media.
  • Javeria Ali took a picture of him as she was working on a project in Islamabad.
  • She posted his picture on social media.
  • Now he is signing big projects of modelling and acting.
  • Arshad Khan is 18 years old young man with blue eyes.
  • In one day he was all over the tv studios for interviews.
  • he is very innocent and shy guy.


This is the picture got him overnight fame!






Pakistani Food

  • I have to confess that I am a big time food lover person and not any food spicy spicy food, food which makes you thick that I have had something really interesting.
  • I do not enjoy deserts..If I have to eat sweet after food I prefer to eat the desert first and then start your actual meal.
  • I just love the aroma of our spices and herbs.


  • I will not forget to mention about the rich colours of our food.
  • We have so many yummy dishes in our cuisine.
  • Wana see some yummy master pieces of Pakistani cuisine? ….. Wait a minute I think I am hungry ;-).


And who can forget Alo key Parathy ……..


  • So this is a very yummy, colourful and spicy side of my Pakistan.
  • Time by time I will share more food pix and recipes of Pakistani food.