I am Anjum a homeopath by profession. Originally I am from Pakistan and currently I am living in Toronto.

I love to learn more and more about physiology and homeopathy.

My husband and my best friend is Naeem. Our love story is a fairytale just like in movies.

My 6 year old boy Jibraan is smart, very creative and most handsome boy in the world. He changed me in so many ways.

My blogs will be mostly on personal care,kids and parenting,Tips,Hacks, Cooking, Cleaning, Organizing, Decluttering, Sewing (my favourite),DIYs,photography, Homeopathy, Homeopathic remedies,Fruits and Vegetables for good health and more.

I believe in ….

• I believe in thoughtful conversations which can lift up me and my love ones not tear them down or me.

• I believe in comforting my friends and family by listening to them and giving my opinions.

• I believe in respect for all regardless of their religion, profession or their social status.

• I believe in sticking to your roots.

We all deserve a happy life!