8 Friends You Have Definitely come across

1-Dragon Mouth Friends (Fire-Fire-Fire)

when ever these types of friend call you and….

  • tell you how bad you are coz you are not intrested to talk to her. 
  • You have changed
  • I am throwing a party coming Sunday and I know you will ditch me 
  • If I do not call you for 10 days and you even not feel to text me once
  •                                 (get it, I don’t want to talk)
  • I am your old friend but you hang around with your new friends

2- Complaining one

  • Ahh these types of friends will never understand I am not a princess I have problems too. These types of friends starts with ….
  • Have you seen the roads so hard to drive
  • (she never will go out to pick her kids from school, poor husband will do the favour as always)
  • My mom called and gave me hard time talking about my rude kids
  • Child benefit funds are not enough
  • Grocery price is going sky high
  • Why we have to cook and clean everyday
  • This government is not fair 

                                       Blah Blah Blah

3- All time depressed friends

This type is very tricky to handle

This type goes….

  • I am broke
  • My mother in law ruined my life
  • My friend is coming for lunch and I am sad for my mom’s sick cat
  • My boyfriend does not like me anymore (Crying)
  • My sister got divorce 

4- Bossy friends

This type take-over on every thing

Tells you….

  • We are going to eat tuna fish that’s all
  • Ok I told you we are just going to the Lake
  • why you were not picking my call
  • We are going to watch the movie I text you
  • Wear blue tomorrow 
  • Buy me food

5-Gossiping friends 

This the most anoying type, this type of friend knows everything about everyone.

She says….

  • Did you hear Angel got married to a boy who is 4 years younger to her
  • I went to a dinner and oh my God they had served very spicy food and it was not even warmed-up 
  • My friend bought a new car and guess what its colour is so bright (Yuck)
  • My friend’s husband forgot her birthday

6- Sneaky friends

  • What did you cook today
  • Where did you go for shopping
  • How much you pay for your purse
  • I saw you in the mall what were you buying
  • What did your husband is taking you for trip

7-Angel from outside and devil from inside 

This is world’s worst type

This type always stay happy and well spoken but inside there is another fight is going on in them.This type of friends you will find in every friends circle

  • Oh yeah this looks very good on you
  • I was worried about you
  • She lies that she is so close to you and then stabs you 
  • She admires your cooking in-front of you but when you turn, she makes faces 

8- Best one

This type is so close to your heart

  • Best of all she is non-judgmental
  • Loves you for you
  • She respects you and others
  • She is Genuine
  • She is a good listener
  • She knows what to say and what not to
  • She cares about your feelings
  • She is honest/trust worthy
  • She always concerned about you
  • She share her problems too but give you time to breath 😉
  • She share happy stuff
  • She brings happiness in your life
  • She encourage you when you really need it
  • She understand you are lazy on weekends
  • If you cancel anything at very short period of time
  • If you can not make it for dinner at her place
  • If you don’t reply to her texts
  • She understands you if you don’t pick her call

My friends….

  • I am blessed to have an awesome group of friends
  • I am blessed my friends have so many good qualities 
  • My friends are my strength and my happiness
  • Hanging out with them is always a pleasure 

If you Know any of this type please leave a message and share your thoughts.






I am back

Hello, my blogging friends
I am not sure if you miss me or not but I was missing my WordPress community a lot. It is a pleasure to be back here.
life was a roller coaster for me.
I was very busy changing my lifestyle yes, a healthy lifestyle.
I was been eating healthy, working out and have been more active and productive.
In this period of time, I learn a lot about a healthy lifestyle and how to be more happy in life.

Soon I will share my beautiful experience with all of you.
Stay happy and healthy

Homemade Body Scrub

Body scrub removes the outer layer of dead cell from the skin surface.

Cleanse your pores. 

It will give you soft and glowing skin 😇


  1. Rice 🍚 poweder ( you can easily make it home from rice)
  2. Oatmeal 
  3. Besan
  4. Almond powder 
  5. Sesme seed powder 
  6. Turmaric powder
  7. Sugar 
  8. Any kind of oil (coconut,almond,sasme seed)

To Make

Mix all dry ingredients well


  1. Honey 🍯 
  2. Rose 🌹 water 💦 
  3. Milk 🍼

Make a paste 

  1. Sit in a warm bathtub 🛀 for 10 to 15 minutes.
  2. Than rub the paste on your body.
  3. Rinse well with Luke warm water
  4. Spray your body with rose 🌹 water 💦 

You will have a very soft and glowing,sun kissed skin. Once in a month using this scrub will give you a younger looking skin ☀️. 

Instant Glowing Skin

I just love home made scrubs and facial masks.I have been trying a mask from few weeks now and I am in love with this mask. Therefore I thought I should share my experience with all of you friends 😎

Try this mask and share in comment below about your experience 😉

(((It’s for boys 🤵🏻and girls 💁)))

So let’s get started 

  • 2 strawberries 🍓🍓 
  • 1 spoon 🥄 honey 🍯 
  • 1 spoon 🥄 yogurt 🍦 
  • 1 spoon 🥄 rose water 🌹 💦 
  • 2 to 3 spoon 🥄 whole wheat 🌾 flour

Mix them well and apply it on your face for around 30 minutes. After 30 minutes gently rub it in circular motion. Than wash it off with Luke warm water 💦. Than end it up with cold water to close your pores.

It gives me instant glow, fair complexion and smooth texture👩🏻

Don’t forget to share 🙋

Getting Connected With Other Bloggers

Please add your point of view about getting connected with other bloggers ….

Leave your blog’s link and share what do you write in your blogs below to get connected with other bloggers here.

  1. Blog often but not too often
  2. Give time to your blog
  3. Interact with your audience-Answer on your comments
  4. Unique and useful
  5. Point base ….clear ..long writings for me like fuzzy line
  6. I love point base writings..make short and sweet
  7. Visual layout is very important
  8. Follow others: like and comment
  9. Blog something that shows your interest and something trendy
  10. Make a regular schedule of your post
  11. Be Creative, Be passionate
  12. Write what you love

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 12.45.05 AM

Detox Your Body

Infused Water

Its all about life style eating healthy and working out is the key to a good health.



You Can add anything you like- strawberries, oranges or berries.

  • Cucumber
  • Lemon
  • Mint leaves
  • Ginger
  • Chai seed
  • Basil seed 


  • Good for digestions
  • Good for burning fat
  • Balance PH level
  • Maintain healthy weight
  • Refreshing
  • Smells good
  • Make you feel fuller
  • Soothes Skin
  • Makes you feel lighter
  • Provides extra vitamins and minerals
  • Antioxidants- detoxing properties
  • Hydrates
  • Good for bad breath
  • Reduces cholesterol  and brings down blood pressure 
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Manages stress
  • Good for hair

Stay Healthy And Happy