41 thoughts on “Two Week Vocation For You! One Word Answer! 

      1. well, it’s no so far away from where i live and have always heard is kind of magic. Even more, I kept a small collection of post cards I had when I was a child and among them there was one from Tangier, written from my father to my mom when they were still not married. I never been there, though, or any place in Africa, so I’d like to be able to go there at least once in my life

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      2. See after my question you just went to ur dream land.. I am glade you told me about it.. one thing I know for sure what ever you want to do keep thinking about it and very soon you will achieve it.

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      1. God now I have to Google for some words😆😆. But overall I got ur message😉.. it is a magical place to b. When I will visit India ( I hope) I will visit that place✈✈


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