Pakistani Food

  • I have to confess that I am a big time food lover person and not any food spicy spicy food, food which makes you thick that I have had something really interesting.
  • I do not enjoy deserts..If I have to eat sweet after food I prefer to eat the desert first and then start your actual meal.
  • I just love the aroma of our spices and herbs.


  • I will not forget to mention about the rich colours of our food.
  • We have so many yummy dishes in our cuisine.
  • Wana see some yummy master pieces of Pakistani cuisine? ….. Wait a minute I think I am hungry ;-).


And who can forget Alo key Parathy ……..


  • So this is a very yummy, colourful and spicy side of my Pakistan.
  • Time by time I will share more food pix and recipes of Pakistani food.


12 thoughts on “Pakistani Food

  1. Please do not post such ones as my stomach shall cry and you will not hear it.
    Beautiful coloured dishes and mouth watering.
    The images see looking gorgeous.


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