DIY :: Old Lamp Stand And A Plant

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1. Old stand Of a lamp

2.Old Plant

3. Add Glue

4. Glue

5. Happily ever after –The End

Motion Sensor Light

  • We can not sleep with light on at night🌞
  • Or If I wake-up at night .. I see nothing😎😨:|💀👾👽👺👹👻👻
  • It’s hard to turn on the lamp in dark
  •  I brought out one of motion sensor light from my husband’s walk-in closet;)🙆🙈🙊
  • One of the best thing for dark
  • Can not tell you how much happy I am
  • I don’t have to keep the light on at night .. it will detact motion and turn on .. (saving on energy bills)


Oh yeah I have a doll on my side table coz I love dolls so much.

Hallway Mirror with a Floating shelf

    • I went to ikea and saw a shelf right there I decided that I am going to use it beautifully ;-).


    • I had this Walmart mirror in my house for years same colour as the shelf.


  • First I picked a place under my stair in hallway to hang these beauties and it was the perfect place.

Then walah ….





  • I add few pictures of my son Jibraan and a wooden man from Ikea and painted golden elephant toy just to match with my mirrors on opposite wall 😉

Even you can see my Baroque mirrors …. I just love this.