Winter Fun Nov-2016..

We made it in front of our home!🏡🏡


🛁🛁🛀🛀Benefits Of Bath Before Bed!🛀🛀🚿🚿

  • There are so many benefits of taking bath before bed but I will share the most important one.
  • Bath is very important especially Sunday night because may be you did not sleep well on weekend. 
  • Jibraan takes bath every night before bed from very young age;)🐛🌊🌊🚿🚿🛁🛁
  • and he loves taking long baths .. bubble bath is his favourite at night..

Bath before bed….

  1. Help you relax
  2. Help you sleep faster
  3. Helps you sleep deep
  4. Calm our brain and body
  5. Warm bath reduces anxiety
  6. Night baths prevents you from catching colds
  7. Warm baths at nights accelerates the detox process
  8. Lowers the blood pressure
  9. Warm baths reduces any pain in the body.
  10. Next morning you wake up fresh and happy


👯👸👰👿💀👹Trick Or Treat😱👮👾👽👷💂

31 October 2016

We are celebrating Halloween 👯👰👸👲👮👷👺👹👻💀👿👾👽😱

It is a blast of fun seeing so many literally so many kids with all kind of costumes on our road!

Children r ringing our door bell after a minute or so for treats.

We have bought a lot of candies for the children.

My son had to go out too ..so they left me home :?to give candies to other children.😂😂😂😂

But to seeing all of those children reminds me of my childhood.👧 We never celebrated Halloween but other events.

My 6 year old jibraan is….