What I Mostly Eat In A Day

Morning Drink

Carrots-beets-celery-pear-banana-sprouts-kale basil seed ( tukhmalanga)



Apple – peanut butter- cinnamon



Spicy oats ( boiled)

Steel cut oats – carrots- bell peppers- cilantro- jalapeño- hamalian salt- black peppers



Yogurt- cucumber- dates



Salmon fish – bell peppers- onion- salt – cayenne peppers


Along with 5 liters of water in a day

Please share at least one of your favorite meal. What do you like to eat in the morning


My Fitness And Health Journey

“Life is not perfect we can not fix everything at once

but gradually things can get on track.”

Hi everyone!

I hope you all are doing well- it been a long time I couldn’t write anything about my fitness journey. I was very busy making healthy choices and were thinking to share with you all (always) I guess today is the day I should start sharing my experience. I learn a lot from my journey, a balanced life is a key to a happy and successful life. It could be any part of our life education, career, relation or health. Today I am going to talk about health specifically.

Last November 2017 I made many changes in my diet and daily activity level. changing my food and workout routine did not only changed me physically, but it has also changed my mind and entire life in a very positive way.

First, I started paying attention to my food, for that reason I had to learn a lot. I did a lot of research on food choices and their nutritional values. I had to limit my carb intake and eating out habits. I am from Pakistan we make really yummy food but our foods are greasy and overcooked. ( which I really enjoy eating) Therefore, I had to change the entire way of cooking and eating.

You have to adopt new changes and should love the process to see the significant results.

Well, I lost 31lbs and gained a tone of experience. Soon I will share everything one by one. I will share my meals and workout routines. Please response me if you want me to share my life journey.

Thanks for reading – stay positive and happy


I am back

Hello, my blogging friends
I am not sure if you miss me or not but I was missing my WordPress community a lot. It is a pleasure to be back here.
life was a roller coaster for me.
I was very busy changing my lifestyle yes, a healthy lifestyle.
I was been eating healthy, working out and have been more active and productive.
In this period of time, I learn a lot about a healthy lifestyle and how to be more happy in life.

Soon I will share my beautiful experience with all of you.
Stay happy and healthy


Heart Beat Award-3

I have created a lovely award for anyone who is special in our wordpress community.

  • I made this blog just to support each other.
  • and to make our WordPress community more connected
  • This award called ” You Are Heart Beat Of WordPress” Yaaaa Hoooo.
  • After getting this award you can pick one of your favourite blogger to nominate.  (If you want to)
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This award is for Ipuna from—- https://ipunablack.com

This is an inspirational blog for anyone seeking to live their best life. None of us are perfect or come from perfect backgrounds, but this doesn’t mean we can’t aim for a positive and fulfilling life. The life we all deserve.   ( Ipuna Black )



  • Ipuna Black is an inspiration 
  • Her posts are supper informative and motivational 
  • Please check her blog and follow, you will like her blog.
  • Her blog is all about motivation and much much more.
  • I feel she is heart beat of WordPress.
  • Please check her blog and follow, you will like her blog.
  • ((She is versatile writer and uploads very interesting posts in her blog))

My most favourite posts 

You Are Beautiful Just the Way You Are


Sunshine: 5 Things to Make You Happy


Don’t Sweat over Things You Can’t Control


All of her posts are amazing!


((I hope Ipuna will nominate someone else to keep this going)) 


10 Things Success People Do


  1. They act well in difficult situations
  2. They control on their emotions
  3. They live productive life
  4. They are patient
  5. They stay ready for any change
  6. They eat healthy food, excercise and meditate daily
  7. They love and respect themselves just as they do with others
  8. They learn from their failures
  9. They spend their time wisely
  10. They always help others

1 bonus ….

They stick to their words because they don’t lie!  and they catch lies faster! 


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How to avoid awkward situations in any conversation

How to avoid awkward situations in any conversation

According to my own experiences in life!

  • Most of the time when I talk to someone I feel happy after wards but there are some times when I don’t feel so good. There are some times when we feel in caught of an awkward conversation and can’t gather ourself to make the conversation keep going interesting. Or we feel not so smart.
  • This post is dedicated to one of my good friend @Abhishek Choubey. You should go on his blog to read some fun stuff at https://gingershouts.wordpress.com  .
  • Here are some important fact that I have learned over the time from different situations.
  • We learn a lot from others ..we learn from good individuals and we learn more form not so good individuals (not to do same BS’ they are doing)

In my point of view 

  1. The more social you are the more better you are in conversations
  2. At first listen to the other party patiently don’t jump in to show you are also smart
  3. I realize when ever you feel some one is pulling your leg more often for no reason, “stay away” you don’t need to prove them that you are smart
  4. I feel if you don’t feel equal respect in a group chat or with someone individually then that is not  a right place for us to sit.
  5. some times saying yes or no makes a big difference
  6. Don’t feel under pressure to win the conversation, chances are you will not respond wisely
  7. Do not feel bad about your self not to answer smartly .. You have to respect and value your self first to give respect to others
  8. Stay natural 
  9. When you will listen more than you will completely understand others points, than you will have enough time to digest and answer wisely.

Most of all

10. more listening and less talking makes you look smart any ways

In Conclusion

  • Some times we feel this, that we are not good enough to reply back when we don’t feel confident enough on our self in easy words (inferiority complex)
  • I would say sit down alone in your room and right down 
  • 10 good things about youeself
  • write down what are you doing right now (studying what,what kind of job)
  • Tell yourself you have a bright future a head. When you see yourself confident then you will be able to act best.
  • If we youtube old actors first interviews (my favourite is ) Shanrukh khan’s interview. He was any other guy like you like me but over the time his hard work and socialization made him very smart person. I learn a lot from these types of examples.

If you are not agree leave the comment.. May be there are many things that I have to learn to get better.

My email….anj6454@gmail.com




❤❤A Compagnie for happiness❤❤

  • Please make a promise 👍to me today that you are going to be a very comferting shoulder to someone .💪💪
  • please feel around you😌, may be some one is in desperate sitiotion to share his or her pain🙌🙏🙎🙆
  • just liston to them let them cry on your shoulder. 😣:'(:'(😣
  • don’t give them your opinions.😥
  • Don’t interrupt in between.😱
  • Just console their souls 👭👬
  •  If we do it to one person at least once in a month we can change so many people’s life.💕💕💕💕
  • or may be someone will change ours ❤❤❤❤
  • Sometimes we dont need suggestions we just need a shoulder to cry like a baby😹😹😹😹

Share your stories in my comments I will wait..for inspiring stories.👧

It could be any one who needs you!

  • Your close family👪
  • Relatives👴👮👵👶🎅👲👳👼
  • Friends👫
  • Teacher👴
  • Students🙋
  • Masi kaam Wali👵
  • Sweeper👲
  • Hawker👨
  • Sabzi wala👦
  • Your laundry wala👴
  • Your driver👮
  • Neighbor👪
  • Milk man👴
  • an animal 🐕🐶🐩🐏🐦🐄🐺🐤🐒🐘
  • Or🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛

Even me👧

  1. Are you in ? In this Compagnie with me.😎😎
  2. Please share my post to your love ones. 💑💑very soon i will write more that how a good listener can impact someonce life! 💑👪👫👬👭💏👱👸👰💁

Inner satisfaction is the key


If you are satisfied with your life with your career, than you will feel confident and beautiful in your own skin…. you won’t be worried if you don’t have fancy clothing or branded makeup! Inner satisfaction is the key!!

Written by

Me 🙂 .. Personal experience 

Trust me just work on your life’s practical issues and work on your development! learn learn and learn what ever you like! 

“Nothing can stop you from a successful and happy life”

So enjoy any guided meditation and think about your next step! 

Taste Of Fame/ Overnight Star

  • An ordinary Pakistani chaiwala (tea seller) got famous overnight after a photo posted on social media.
  • Javeria Ali took a picture of him as she was working on a project in Islamabad.
  • She posted his picture on social media.
  • Now he is signing big projects of modelling and acting.
  • Arshad Khan is 18 years old young man with blue eyes.
  • In one day he was all over the tv studios for interviews.
  • he is very innocent and shy guy.


This is the picture got him overnight fame!